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Fribourg, Switzerland –– Meggitt Sensing Systems (MSS), the division of Meggitt PLC specialising in advanced condition monitoring and machinery protection systems for rotating machinery, has launched a new and improved galvanic separation unit (GSI) from its Vibro-Meter® product line, the GSI 127.

A galvanic separation unit is the link in a measurement chain, which supplies power to the transducer or signal conditioning circuitry while providing galvanic isolation between the sensor-side circuitry and the power supply. It is designed for operation with charge amplifiers and signal conditioners used by piezoelectric accelerometers, dynamic pressure transducers, proximity probes and velocity sensors.

The GSI 127 builds on 30 years of product improvement since the release of MSS’ first galvanic separation unit. Our latest GSI is a complete all-in-one solution encompassing the galvanic separator, power supply, current-to-voltage converter and safety barrier.
The current modulation of the GSI 127 is primarily intended for use in two-wire current transmission systems that support high frequencies over long distances, up to 1000 m, giving the ultimate signal quality. It can also be used as a galvanic separation or safety barrier for three-wire signal transmission systems and, more generally, to supply any electronic system having a current consumption up to 22 mA.

Meggitt’s GSI 127 underwent safety and environment certifications to qualify for the oil and gas market, opening new opportunities for Meggitt. It meets the stringent requirements of Safety Integrity Level 2 and is certified to be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres, that is Ex zone 2 or Div 2 (nA) when powering measuring chains installed in Ex environments up to zone 0 or Div 1 ([ia]).

Meggitt’s GSI 127 is fully compatible with installed Meggitt and competitor sensors and systems. Replacement of competitor measurement chains is simplified with the floating output of the GSI 127, which removes the need for the user to purchase an additional power supply. As our new standard for future applications and a drop-in replacement for our GSI 124, the GSI 127 is available with no price increase.

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